In true Solsticksanda, Solstickan Design offers modern and popular products with high quality in home and interior design. The idea with Solstickan design is to preserve and carry on a true Swedish classic and in this way support the Solstickan Foundation.

Part of the proceeds from the sale go to the Solstickan Foundation, whose purpose is to help children and older people in society.


In 1936, the artist Einar Nerman was commissioned to draw the label for the box Solstickan. Here and there, the classic symbol Solstickepojken was created. The popular boy and the text “For the benefit of children and the elderly” adorned the boxes and the basic idea was to contribute to society in a simple way by donating a couple of öre of each box sold to the Solstickan Foundation. From an early age, the foundation focused on helping children with disabilities and chronic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism. We are proud to be able to support and contribute to this fine tradition with Solstickan Design.